performance tomorrow!



Tomorrow is the performance of a collaboration between loveDANCEmore director Ashley Anderson and visual artist Mary Sinner.

As part of the Utah Heritage Foundation Cultural Series honoring 100 Years of the Ladies’ Literary Club the two will present “dead dog song” a performance which feature silhouettes and scenery designed by Mary and revisits choreography Ashley developed at the Workspace for Choreographers in Virginia and performed at venues including the Taubman Museum of Art.

The event includes performances by local dancers Alex Bradshaw, Tara McArthur, Ari Audd, Erica Womack, Alysia Ramos and Katie Meehan but also features a pre-show by Gretchen Reynolds, a visual artist and puppeteer as well as live figure drawing of the performers by Mary Sauer, an artist currently teaching at the University of Utah.

You can read more in the Tribune, 15 BYTES and City Weekly’s Essentials.

15 BYTES will also catch you up on some events we haven’t covered in the past few weeks. Daniel Charon’s show at UMOCA as well as details on his upcoming season as Artistic Director of Ririe Woodbury is featured in the edition and the Rose Exposed is discussed in the Daily BYTES. We’ll be, as usual, posting reviews of the shows previewed at the event and sharing them with 15 BYTES.