2014 in Review, Dancing and Journaling in 2015

SL Trib writer Kathy Adams provides an excellent place to start the annual ritual of looking back. She mentions most of the highlights of Utah’s more established companies—RDT, RW and of course, Ballet West. It was also a great year for us. Mudson continued to grow and evolve in unexpected ways. Some of my favorite works this year included Ashley Anderson’s new duet on Alysia Ramos and Amy Freitas and Amy’s own Porridge for Goldilocks with live music by the Apartment Quartet Society. I also really enjoyed seeing Solange Gomes and her flamenco students in that vaulted ballroom—again, the power of live music, but this time integrated with the dancing in a way unique to that form.

Daughters was, I think, better than ever, and many other independent shows graced the eyes of Salt Lakers, including Molly Heller’s if a snake could bite, which I sadly missed and the U’s poorly attended but excellent tour of Matteo Fargion and Jonathan Burrows.

Another way in which our work at loveDANCEmore flourished was in deeper-than-ever discussions on the blog and in the journal. Look back to read the discussions of race and authenticity around Rhythm Migration or the long thread around the various rites of spring different members of our community saw this year. These important local dance dialogues happen nowhere else (that I know of). Then, once you’re inspired, write something or draw something for the new journal!!! The deadline is FEBRUARY 1, 2015!!! The theme is forgotten dance histories!

And remember, if you want to write about a show happening in 2015, there’s no requirement other than that you let us know. If you don’t like what you’re reading, or you just want to share your perspective, all you have to do is ask! Our aspiration is to be an OPEN forum for dance in SLC!!! Happy new year!!!!

Samuel Hanson is the New Media Czar of loveDANCEmore. He also writes about dance here and has edited the last two editions of learning to loveDANCEmore.


June is shaping up to be a huge month in SLC dance. When big companies go off contract and dance students leave for summer projects it has often become a time of small workshops. But perhaps a signal that the independent scene is flourishing there is more in June than ever before.


Miguel Gutierrez will take the Rose by storm with with work-out form Death Emo Electric Protest Aerobics.

At a top secret time next weekend at the Rose Wagner you can practice and become a master practitioner of this incredible form.

Details are coming soon but we’ve been working with SB Dance (thank you!) to find times that work the best.

Stay tuned.


Our extended Mudson applications are due tomorrow!

Selected choreographers receive $50 stipends and the opportunity to show their work-in-progress at the Masonic Temple.

Join the ranks of SLC choreographers who have tested out their work and gone on to present at local and national venues.

Volume 6. “Collaboration” is out and about featuring historical/theoretical essays alongside local reviews but we are already looking toward Volume 7.

Themed “Cycles” you can submit whatever it is you want. Whether it’s about somatic practice, performance trends, reflection on compositional strategies or pictures of you doing the same dance 85 times in a row you should send it to lovedancemore@gmail.com

Submissions will be collected through August 1st.


After you DEEP aerobics your troubles away you can check out SUITE at Sugar Space highlighting women choreographers. June 6-8, 8pm (Sarah Thompson reviewing).

Then SB Dance in the Jeanne Theater at the Rose for ONE NIGHT ONLY of a ramped up Of Meat & Marrow. June 15th, 8pm  (Ashley Anderson reviewing).

Followed by Daughters of Mudson, curated by our prez Ishmael Houston-Jones and featuring completed works which premiered at Mudson in 2012. June 22 @ 8pm and June 23 @ 2pm in the Rose Wagner Studio Theater