Children's Review: The Little Mermaid



I went to see The Little Mermaid by Ballet West with my dad. We had such a great time.  The show was funny, silly and there was a rainbow of colors. The music was beautiful too. My favorite dances were when the boys carried the girls and they flew across the stage. I also loved the jump twirls, and the boys who spun around really, really fast. The boys were such amazing dancers. Also the pretty tree frogs were funny. They hopped around and moved their bodies in strange ways, and I loved their big sparkly yellow eyes. The sea witch was my favorite character. She looked like a colorful rainbow, but she was mean and took Ariel’s voice. The costumes were so glittery. The prince’s bride had a gold dress and the the crabs had big claws that they moved from side to side. It was really silly. I also really liked the music. I liked the horns with the ribbons. They were very loud and sounded like the music of the rainbow. The little boys played horns and the little girls went up on their toes. It was awesome!

I think everyone should go to the ballet, especially with their dad. I think everyone in the world would like this ballet. It was so much fun.

Lyla Kate Sylvia lives in Sandy, Utah and will start kindergarten in the fall. She started taking her first dance classes this year.