welcome to loveDANCEmore

a place to work on loving dance more

especially in salt lake

because we are all here.

we want to show work more and watch work more

and document it.

this is ashley anderson posting.
i am applying for my 501c3 to support my creative work under the name “ashley anderson dances” with that 501c3 i also plan to host loveDANCEmore community projects.

i’ll explain what those projects are but before i get started…
some of my language here is lifted from miranda july
so let me quote from her book with harrell fletcher, learning to love you more,

where she and Harrell made assignments for unknowing artists all over the globe and had a pretty profound result:
“Sometimes it is a relief to be told what to do…We tried to come up with assignments we would want to do ourselves; often they came directly out of our personal lives or art practice.”

loveDANCEmore is that very idea:
a series of projects that come up with small assignments for choreographers and dancers here.
suggestions about where to show and when and with who.
and where to rehearse for those shows.

this blog is a repository for questions and most of all answers.
from all of us.

if you read the “about loveDANCEmore” page on this blog.
it will tell you what projects loveDANCEmore already has underway….

like MUDSON a FREE (did i mention all these projects are ideally free?) informal performance series at the masonic temple which you can apply for by clicking HERE

or by contributing to a journal (“learning to love dance more”) that helps us document this process. (call for entries coming soon).

follow this blog to be part.