Aerial Arts — Children’s Review

This year, Aerial Arts of Utah presented a child-friendly matinee through RDT’s outreach series, Ring Around the Rose.  I took two of my children, Zachary (4) and Kate (2).  The show was a perfect length and with tickets at five dollars, and children two and under free, it was an affordable Saturday activity.  All those involved did an excellent job, and I admit that I shed a happy tear watching my children become transfixed by the magic and ability of the human body, their little hands clapping in tune with everyone else’s.  Here is what they had to say about the show…

Zachary:  I liked the show and it was fun.  I liked all the moves you did.  I liked it when you guys were twisted around in your curtains.  I hope you had a good day dancing and your moves are pretty cool.

I saw them hanging upside down with their legs in in their curtains and swinging on big rings.  It was a nice lovely time and I liked everybody, even the clown.  When it was over I got a green balloon, and even saw the person with the really long legs.

And when asked about the show, Kate, who is not a big talker, just said “Thank-you.”

Erica Womack is a choreographer based in SLC. She also teaches at SLCC and contributes regularly to loveDANCEmore.