October Digest: Photography by Jessie Young and Molly Heller

Jessie Young is a tremendous dancer and photographer who lived in SLC for several years before moving to Seattle, Chicago and most recently NYC. She’s coming back to town this fall to present some work with Molly Heller and possibly do some teaching, at which she excels. She’ll be in SLC November 25 through December 1, and she and Molly are planning a house show tentatively scheduled on Friday November 30. Don’t miss her! In celebration of her imminent arrival in Utah, I asked Jessie to share some previously unseen images from her ongoing collaboration with Molly, remember this /. She writes, “remember this / is an ongoing project exploring personal folklore and archival myths through photo portraiture and collage with a kind of analogue approach (what does that even mean? but yes). I worked with Molly in her backyard at night sometime around June or July 2014.” Without further ado…

—SBH, editor

Jessie Molly 1.JPG
Jessie Molly 3.JPG
Jessie Molly 4.JPG
Jessie Molly 5.JPG
Jessie Molly 6.JPG